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5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Invest In Hiring SEO Services As Opposed To DIY

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Today, the number of SEO Services in and around New Zealand probably number in the dozens. This is mainly due to the fact that New Zealand happens to be one of the hotbeds for new businesses of almost every size and type. However, many of these new startups are often confused as to if they should use a professional SEO service or simply stick with doing it themselves. The fact that SEO is often touted as being easy to do is deceiving because even after a year of effort some businesses are not able to rank well because their initial approach was incorrect. This is where hiring a professional business comes in. Even if you do have the manpower it still pays to have a professional team or a recognized company with a track record of successfully ranking sites well, to work for you. Below are five reasons why it is worth hiring a professional businesses as opposed to doing it yourself or in-house.

Reason no. 1: You rank better much sooner

This is probably one of the leading reasons why SEO Services are so successful as compared to a company trying to rank itself well. Experienced SEO services have worked with dozens of businesses over the years so they are very familiar with the industry, keywords, linking strategy and other factors which are imperative to ranking that particular business high. This means that they can simply cut through 80% of the work that a business would have to manually do in order to rank well. This translates to businesses being able to rank well in a shorter period of time because SEO companies do not have to invest a lot of time in research and experimentation.

Reason no. 2: They can manage your SEO budget wisely

How do you control how much money is spent on SEO and online advertising? The problem that many small businesses face is that once they kick off their SEO and online advertising it eats through their budget pretty quickly. The end result is that they may not see many benefits even after spending hundreds of dollars. On the flip side of things an SEO company can tell you exactly what it will cost you to get the rankings you want. You can set aside an SEO budget and the company will work within that to get you the best results possible. This in long run means efficient budget management which in the event of a business crisis can be halted.


Reason no. 3: It is hard to hire highly experienced SEO professionals as employees

If you are trying to do SEO in-house how much are you willing to pay a professional as an employee and how much more than for the cost of SEO? This is a big question that any business who wants to handle SEO in-house should ask. A single employee can be pretty expensive and you will definitely need more than one. Then you also need to factor in other costs of having an employee like insurance and a pension plan etc. On the flip side when you hire an SEO service, you can bet that you’ve hired professionals with years of experience and when the time comes you can even ask the company to stop doing SEO for you. So, you get experience without the added burden that comes with having to employ staff for the job.

Reason no. 4: SEO is ever evolving

Businessmen obviously do not have the time to constantly check what is new in the SEO industry. But if you are not updated then chances are your rankings will drop and you can even be penalized. So, if you don’t have the time to get involved in everything relating to SEO then hiring an SEO company is a good deal. SEO companies make it their business to use the latest and most effective techniques to help businesses rank well.

Reason no. 5: Professional companies can guarantee results

Companies like New Zealand based Smart SEO can in fact guarantee results because of the experience they have with doing SEO. This saves you a lot of time, money and frustration because it’s like offloading your burden of ranking well to professionals who work on autopilot.


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