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Windows 7 genuine in just 10 seconds

Windows 7 genuine in just 10 seconds Why are people using pirated or cracked Windows 7 versions? Because Windows 7 genuine version can be expensive for most people, especially if they are limited by budget. Amazon listed the genuine Windows 7 Professional SP1 64bit at $144.95. With that amount of money, you can already buy […]

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Crack Win 7 with only these 6 easy steps

Crack Win 7 with these 6 easy steps Even with the release of Windows 8, some Windows 7 loyal following are still not upgrading their operating system. Why? Because there are people who prefer to stick with what they have gotten used to already. A new OS means new things to learn. New functions to […]

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Crack Windows 7

Ultimate Crack Windows 7

Been a victim of Crack Windows 7 sites that tells you their version is permanent, only to be deactivated after a few months? Ever tried one of those links that say automatic installation but you end up needing to buy an activation key to proceed? How to crack windows 7? Try our very own GENUINE […]

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windows 8 logo

How to Activate Windows 8

Windows 8  is the latest Operating System by Microsoft-Corporation after the launch of Windows 7. Within very short period of time it has succeeded to be one of the favorite operating systems among computer users around the world. Windows 8 introduced some extreme features along with highly attractive graphical elements. From my point of view, “Windows […]

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speed up firefox

Speed Up Firefox – Follow These Simple Steps

Hello friends!! Hope, all of you are very well. Are you facing slowing problem in your firefox web browser? Do not worry. Today we will learn to speed up our Mozilla Firefox web browser. If you are using a broadband internet connection with firefox web browser, you can save the time of loading of each […]

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make windows genuine

Make Your Windows 7 Genuine Just in 30 Seconds

Wat Remover Windows 7 Crack Video Walkthrough ** we have provided a new tutorial! 2015 Edition 😉 Visit our post windows 7 crack 2015! Free method for windows 7 activation Hey Dudes!! What’s up? Hope you are well like me. Anyways, today I will try to show you something different. Most of the PC users in […]

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disable mouse using code

Disable Mouse Using A Simple Coding

Hello everybody!! . Let’s do some fun with your friend’s pc by disabling his pc mouse. It’s a very simple but dangerous method. By this technique anybody can be freaked out. Don’t do ever this with your own PC. You may use this to annoy your enemy. We can also say that we are going […]

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