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Disable Mouse Using A Simple Coding

Hello everybody!! . Let’s do some fun with your friend’s pc by disabling his pc mouse. It’s a very simple but dangerous method. By this technique anybody can be freaked out. Don’t do ever this with your own PC. You may use this to annoy your enemy. We can also say that we are going to make a sort of computer virus. To attack you enemy’s computer, you got to send the coding file by anyhow. When he will open the file, he will be in big trouble and it is too hard to repair. Only for fun you can use this coding with a pen drive. When anybody plug-in this pen drive his mouse won’t work. When he will release the pen drive then the pc will remain on its previous condition. I mean, it will become normal.

Let’s start.

Email Method: —-

1. Press “windows key + R” to open run menu.

2.  Now write “notepad “in it and press enter. It will open notepad.

3.  Now copy the following codes and paste into the notepad.

4.  Press Ctrl+S to save it.

5.  Select, “All Files” on “Save as Type” field—- on the save option.

disable mouse

6.  Now write “msd.bat” on the file name and save it in desktop.

It’s approximately done now. The file which you just saved is ready to attack your enemy’s pc. Just let your enemy to double click on it and his mouse will be disabled. Isn’t it cool?

Pen drive method: ——–

If you want to apply this method with a pen drive you need to make one simpler coding to make an auto run commend. Here you will be required the msd.bat file again.

1. Open Note pad. (Please see on the email method)

2.  Copy and Paste the following codes into the note pad.

3.  Press Ctrl+S.

4.  Select, “All Files” on “Save as Type” field—- on the save option.

5.  Now write “autorun.inf” on the file name and save it in desktop

6.  making both of the files, copy them into your pen drive’s home directory. Once

you put the files into your pen drive you shouldn’t dare to click on you

pen drive. Otherwise, you will be trapped in you own trap.

7. Now time to have fun with your friends. Just plug-in the Pen Drive in your friend’s pc and see the magic. Plug-out the pen drive to get relief.

Solution of this trick.

1. If there is a disease, there should be a medicine. We also have a medicine for the victim of this little hand made virus. Let’s see how you can get relief if you have been attacked by this code.

2. Open the run menu —-> write “notepad” to open note pad.

3. Copy the the following codes and paste into the note pad.

4.  Save the the file with “ bcamsd.bat “ name and extension.

5.  Double click on “ bcamsd.bat” to enable you mouse.

6.  Now you can enable your mouse when you are attacked with this little but funny virus.

Wow, you have successfully learnt to make the “Mouse Disabler Virus”.


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