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How to Hide Drives in Windows PC

There are a lot of software’s to protect our files from third party opening. But using a simple trick in our windows XP operating system, we can make our files more secured. Today we will learn a trick to hide the windows drives in our windows pc. Let’s start—

First of all, be sure that your pc hard disk has at least 3 partitions. Because you got to select a drive to make secure and all your important files will be there. Now copy or move all your secret files into your selected drive. When the moving process is completed, you are ready to secure the drive.

Now open the run menu from star menu. The best way to open the run menu faster is by pressing “Windows key+ R”. Now write “gpedit.msc”. A new window will appear which is called “Group Policy Editor“.

Double Click on the “administrative templates” in the user configuration section of that window. Then double click on the “windows components” which is on the right side of the window. Then double click on “windows explorer” there. Now find out the “Hide these specified drives in my computer” and then double click on it. A new window will appear for configuring the setting. Click on “Enabled” first. Now, select the drive from the drop down menu which you wanted to make secure from this configuration window and click on apply and then ok. If you are having difficulty in following the steps, please follow the pictures below one by one. They will be helpful to you——

open group policy editor












group policy administrative templates













group policy windows components














group policy windows explorer



hide drives

select drive to make it secure


Now close all windows appeared in your screen. Open my computer.  As you can see the drive which you selected for securing, is not looking on My Computer’s drive section. Yes!! We have successfully hidden the drive which contains of our secrete documents. Now, the main facility of the total work is, When somebody usages you computer, won’t see the drive as it is hidden. Anybody won’t dare to suspect that you have hidden a drive. Isn’t it cool!!!

I know what you are thinking now. You are thinking that, you got to open the Group Polity again and again to unhide the secured drive and do all process like rolling back. Isn’t it? Okay, No need to think like this. Here I am to show you a simple trick to surf your secrete drives very easily. But the think you got to remember that, you should not use my trick in front of any body. In this case your privacy may be revealed. Okay, here is the trick to browse the secret drive easily—

Open the “My Computer”. Click on the address bar and write the name of your secret drives. For example: “ D:/ ” or “ E:/ ”—like this. Writing the path press on enter. Wow!! Your secret drive is opened.

Now, you have successfully learned to hide a drive in your computer without installing any additional software. And you have also learned the trick to open the hidden drives easily.

Hope you liked it.  Thank you very for reading the article and  you can leave questions in the comment section.

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