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This is a little tool I put together to remove WAT (Windows Activation Technologies) completely from the OS, whilst still retaining genuine status and receiving all updates (optional aswell). You can also pass the genuine check in things like Windows Defender.

There will be no windows activation section in control panel (thanks to no nonsense) no slmgr no nags, no prompts, nothing. WAT gone.

Just run the program once and restart your windows, its all done!!


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Hey Dudes!! What’s up? Hope you are well like me. Anyways, today I will try to show you something different. Most of the pc users in Asia do not use the genuine version of windows. That’s why they suffer a little bit at the time of updating and taking help from Microsoft’s website. If you want to get full freedom in using your operating system then you should make your windows genuine by registering your operating system with real registration code. You will find it on the surface of the original windows DVD/CD box. But this process is little bit costly because you got to buy the DVD/CD. And you cannot make any multiple use of this registration key. So, here I am to show you the way of shortcut that can make your operating system genuine. Why you got to make your windows 7 genuine? No, problem. There is an answer for this question. After you successful installation of windows 7 it requires to be registered with a real registration key. And after a few days it becomes a restricted operating system unless you register it on Microsoft. That mean you won’t have freedom in using it. Moreover, everything in your pc will become very irritating. Hope you understand the importance of genuine windows operating system.

You will find hundreds of software when you will search in Google with the keyword “Windows 7 Genuine maker”. But, these softwares actually inject a fake registration key into your pc. It’s okay if you don’t use internet from your PC. But when you use internet, windows will automatically browse Microsoft’s website silently for updates and some other purposes. So, when your pc automatically surfs on Microsoft’s website, you will be caught that you have used a fake registration key and it will destroy the fake registration of your PC. Is not it so much annoying? Let’s learn a new trick that- How to make your windows 7 genuine without any keygen, Crack, registration key etc.  ?

make windows genuine


You don’t need to be an expert to do this task. Any amateur user can do this. Just follow my instructions——

1. Install windows 7 in your PC as the operating system.

2. Go to start menu and type CMD on the start menu search option

3. When you will find CMD right click on it.

4. Now click on “Run as administrator”

(If you are having trouble in following my instructions, please follow see the picture below)


make windows 7 genuine

5. If you have successfully opened CMD in administrator mode then writ on it “slmgr -rearm” and press enter.

windows 7 genuine trick 

6. Now restart your pc

7. Done. Now your Windows 7 has become Genuine for 30 days. If you do the same task again, your Windows 7 will become Genuine for more 30 days. Suppose you did it for 4 times, then you will get 120 days genuine pack without any inconvenience. Is not it an awesome trick?

Thank you so much for viewing my post. Hope you liked my window 7 genuine fix tool.

Vikram is a freelancer working on odesk as a web designer/developer since 2009. He is the founder of Wordpress Assistants, a small web design and development company providing low cost goals oriented web services.

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76 Responses to “Make Your Windows 7 Genuine Just in 30 Seconds”

  1. DKR says:

    thank you very much

  2. RAHUL says:

    thank you is there is any other way to get window genuine for ever. if yes please tell to me .

  3. padma priya says:

    wow1 it worked
    I hope it will not affect my other softwares

  4. Rahul says:

    I have done it and it seems pretty cool but could you explain how this thing works? I mean what exactly happens when we give the command slmgr -rearm?
    Thank you

  5. Bob Marley says:

    Thanx. Its aweeeesomeeeeeee. Finally worked, can’t tell you how happy I am

  6. sean says:

    It says that I do not have elevated privileges, is there any way you can help? :/

  7. jay says:

    thank you sir

  8. Boy says:

    my own is telling me access is denied: the requested action requires elevated priviledges.
    Pls what can I do?

  9. Alin says:

    verry cooool man , are you the best . Thank you

  10. Ashok says:

    it’s working, thank you very much

  11. Anil says:

    Thank you very much for your help

  12. sanjeet says:


    • Vikram Singh Rana says:

      Hi Sanjeet,

      No file will be affected by using this method. It will just work on windows activation technology.

  13. suhel says:

    its wrkng!
    thnk u

  14. batman freeze says:

    OMG i tried so many websites and this one is boom boom awesome

  15. neel says:

    you rocks man………………

  16. tuan bui says:

    thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!

  17. moksh says:

    this is very easy and it works

  18. Armaan says:

    I have done this three times but my windows is showing that i 30 days trial. I have installed my windows today and the first work i have done on my windows is your procedure,
    Plz tell me that my windows will run more than 30 days with all features?

  19. sarath says:

    Hey guys Its really has worked .thank u very much

  20. Tangsrik sangma says:

    Access denied it says what to do?

    • Rajeev says:

      Go to start menu and type CMD on the start menu search option

      When you will find CMD right click on it.

      Now click on “Run as administrator”

      If you have successfully opened CMD in administrator mode

      then write on it “slmgr -rearm” and press enter

      restart ur pc

  21. parvez says:

    omg its working and now i m using win 7 genuine thank a lots

  22. darshan says:

    0*C004F025 Access denied:the requested action action requires elevated privileges

  23. tonmoy says:

    Its cool …first it did not work cause it was not in administrator mode and i forgot to give the space between slmgr and -rearm

  24. Rasky says:

    Thanks for that

  25. baco63 says:

    en mi versión de w7 ultimate, el archivo se llama slmgr.vbs.removewat y debe ser renombrado a slmgr.vbs.
    el resto se hace tal cual lo dice la pagina
    entra c:\windows\sustem32\
    busca slmgr.vbs.removewat
    lo capias ctrl c + ctrl v
    y renombre la copia com slmgr.vbs.removewat

    en el mismo directorio.
    se ejecuta Cmd.exe como admnistrador
    en la línea de comados escribes
    slmgr.vbs. -rearm y presionas enter

  26. thalaiva says:

    awesome works really really fine
    done same error as tonmoy

  27. Abi says:

    Wow. it works.. Nice.. Thanks for sharing!

  28. Saintrob says:

    you are THE God !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Ravi Prakash says:

    Friend i cant tell u how i m feeling now.
    thank you very much. hope you giving tricks like this and helping every one.

  30. sourav says:

    bro its jst awesome thnx yar?

  31. rahul says:

    hey,guys its really working

  32. Wilber Wilcox says:

    To anybody that gets the elevated privleges error, you must run this command as an administrator… Click start, type “cmd” into the search box and right click on the first result and click “Run as Administrator”. Then enter the slmgr -rearm command into the command prompt.

  33. kbs harsha says:

    tank uuuuuuuu so much dear!!!!!!!!!

  34. nishant says:

    really a very nice trick.helped me a lot..

  35. Farooque Bugti says:

    I so thank full to you… 30 days extent for your tips … so good

  36. Bhupendra says:

    Thanks dude…….

  37. Pankaj says:

    thanku very much sir

  38. Ankul says:


  39. kranch says:

    how many times can I use this?? if it’s forever i’m grateful, btw thanks

  40. rankin says:

    thank u it worked ! And those who did not get it might hav been confused wid the cursor sign @ d end… its not underscore !

  41. vhalzz says:

    will this work forever?? can i do this as many times as possible??

  42. FlameZ says:

    If i use this will i have 2 reinstall all my software again and my reset personal settings…
    PLZ some1 tell me whenever u can, plz plz plz plz plz……………….. :(

  43. Vikram Singh Rana says:

    run it as an admin

  44. Vikram Singh Rana says:

    Hi Nitin,

    You can try out my paid activator. It will activate your windows as genuine for ever.

    thanks for stopping by my post,

    • Gay says:

      Hi Vikram, I only have 4 days left, could you detail your paid activator please? Cheers Gay

      • Vikram Singh Rana says:

        Hi Gay,

        It is simple to use windows activator. Just close all the programs, extract the zip and run the program. Press remove WAT button. The computer will restart on its own. And you windows will be activated as genuine.

        I have also added a demo video on the download page to show how it works.

        You will be mailed the software automatically by the auto responder. You will also be redirected to the purchase confirmation page with a download link as soon as you complete the payment process.

        Kind Regards,

  45. Gay says:

    Vikram went way beyond any call of duty in helping me with my incompetence & am now fully activated so can only sincerely thank & recommend his products to all & sundry lol. very many thanks again.

  46. Venu says:

    Thank you very much, it works exactly in 30 secs..

  47. gojing says:

    Thanks, it’s very easy just in 30 secs

  48. Sidra says:

    I have done it first time, now after 30 days if I do the same trick will it will work again and again?

  49. Prajwol says:

    I just tried it and it’s really cool. Thanks to you pal. It’s a great help for us.

  50. Peter says:

    My time has run out using the slmgr command so I’ve purchased the WAT r software through the link with paypal and have yet to receive the WAT software… Very frustrated. Please help Vikram with the link or something..

  51. jayesh says:

    it works….thanku man thanku very much

  52. Neeraj says:

    I read somewhere that you can rearm Windows 4 times only. In that case, my question is will this trick be used for ever?

  53. Vikram Singh Rana says:

    yes Neeraj, I think it will be.

  54. sachin says:

    Hey if i use this continuously again and again would i have to reinstall windows at some point of time and when ….what if i use this only once ….will everything be the same as it was before using this code

  55. Fighting Samurai says:

    awesome..the best thumbs up

  56. Carl says:

    I just found out that the country i am residing in is restricted and i can not use PayPal..:( Kindly contact me direct Vikram.

  57. doejohns says:

    Awesome…………..Thank you so much am very happy……………it works in sec

  58. tony says:

    Bought the wat remover for $4.99, best thing I have ever bought, very fast delivery and Vikram is a really nice guy!
    Thanks again, Tony

  59. sushant says:

    thanks a lot
    it works for me………..

  60. ptanwani says:

    great !wonderful ! thanks a lot, dear Vikram.

  61. Joshy says:

    A few days before I asked why this programm is recognized by nearly every Anti Virus Programm as virus or trojan.
    And sent the same question to the seller.
    Got no answer from the seller and my question disappeared here…

    • Vikram says:

      Hi Joshy,

      Sorry for not in being touch. As you could read the instructions above on the thread that clearly says that you need to disable your anti-virus program before running the software.
      There is an read me file inside the software package where you can find all the info.

  62. Joshy says:

    And what is after running the software?
    Can I reactivate my antivirus or will it immediate stop the program and reactivate WAT?

  63. Pratyush says:

    Hi Vikram,

    Thank you very much for the information however I am not able to run the command. Whenever I do type the command in CMD running as administrator, It gives error message ” Can’t find script engine “VBScript” for “C:\Windows\system32\slmgr.vbs”. ”

    Suggest what to do, I have very less days unless i activate it.

  64. LOLMan says:

    Um.. every time I try to do this, it says i cant and says “on a computer running Microsoft Windows non-core, run “slui.exe 0x2a 0xC004D302″ to display the error text.”, and under it, it says “Error: 0xC004D302″.
    Please help.

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