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WooCommerce Paypal Advanced Payment Gateway


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WooCommerce Paypal Advanced Payment Gateway is only available for USA and Canada. It does not supports recurring payments. There is no monthly or setup fee charged by paypal for using it. It works similar to WooCommerce Paypal Pro payment gateway by allowing customers to make transaction on your site without letting them to leave your site. You need not to worry for SSL certificates or about PCI compliances as it uses an iframe for checkout process and all the embedded iframe pages are handled and hosted by paypal.


Woocommerce Paypal Advanced payment gateway is a low cost solution to integrate credit card processing into your checkout. The product unifies a Merchant Account and a Payment gateway into a cost effective checkout solution. This product will completely change the checkout experience of your site; the users will get a seamless and consolidated experience in all their purchasing process. In short with this product you will be providing your customers a branded experience with all their checkout process.

The most important feature of this product is its cost friendliness; you get it at a price as low as $4.99 which is lowest among the other products available in the market. The other feature is that it does not require SSL certificate and poses simpler PCI compliance.


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