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WooCommerce Tab Manager


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WooCommerce Tab Manager extension give you the ability to change, modify or add new tab on the single product page. It helps you to easily create new tabs and remove existing ones according to your requirements with simple drag and drop interface. If you need to customize your store’s single product page and work around with tabs below the product image, you can certainly try out your hands on this easy to use WooCommerce extension.

Under GPL, can be used for unlimited number of sites.

Version:  1.3.6

Release date: August 14th, 2014


How Can WooCommerce Tab Manager be Helpful?

  • modify/arrange default woocommerce tabs
  • add text to custom tags using rich text editor
  • add and order unlimited number of custom tabs
  • add tabs to multiple products in one go
  • compatible with other 3rd party plugins
  • Create default sitewide tab layout


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