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Windows 7 Crack – Fix your windows installation in just 30 seconds

How to activate Windows 7 Crack Video


Free method for windows 7 activation

Its finally here! I know some of you have spent a big amount of time trying to get that annoying message from windows to activate your installation. Most of people in the world dont really have a real windows distro, we get it, its mainly corporation that do the big purchases… But if I do understand how annoying is to have that activation message pop up on my windows 7 every day.

Method 1

So I will be proving 2 methods to get your windows activated. 1 method is downloading a windows 7 crack, we didnd’t do it, but we have found one that works! Now as you know we cannot host stuff like this, so you have to click here and download the patch from there. You will be prompt to fill up a survey so just fill it up with whatever information and the download will activate. The windows 7 crack will come in a zip, just unzip run the exe and you are set.

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Method 2

If you have the extra dollars and you value your time more than I do.. 🙂 just buy that and you are set! We provide support!

Method 3

If you are feeling a little bit more adventurous, Follow the steps below to activate your copy with our alternate method. It is really up to you. You will find A LOT of sites that will claim that they have the solution for this problem, I have tried them and some do actually work, but I just want to save some times to the people that actually read our blog to get things done fast, after all, we have 1000000 more important things to do in a day. Is not it so much annoying? Let’s learn a new trick that- How to make your “windows 7 genuine without any keygen, crack, registration key” 7 genuine without any keygen, crack, registration key etc?

Again, try our easy solutions by just downloading our windows 7 activation or windows 7 crack

You don’t need to be an expert to do this task. Any amateur user can do this. Just follow my instructions——

1. Install windows 7 in your PC as the operating system, there are many different copies of the software but most of them work the same way.

2. Just type “Windows key + R” and type CMD.

3. Make sure you are running the CMD as administrator, if not follow step 4.

4. Now click on “Run as administrator”

(If you are having trouble in following my instructions, please see the picture below)

windows 7 activation

run as admin

5. If you have successfully opened CMD in administrator mode then writ on it “slmgr -rearm” and press enter.

activate windows 7 using cmd

windows cmd


6. Now restart your pc

7. Take note that if you do repeat that command, as many times as you want you will be moving the activation more days and days, so if you type it 4 times you will have moved the trial 120 days 🙂 How easy was that!!!

Again or just can just download our solution ——- 🙂

Try our easy solutions by just downloading our windows 7 activation or windows 7 crack

If you find it difficult to make windows genuine using command prompt. You may order our windows 7 crack to activate windows 7. By using this software you can activate your windows 7 permanently and receive updates from Microsoft.

Windows 7 License Keys


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      Hello Elza

      Just add the product to your cart and checkout, the software will come on the confirmation email after payment.

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