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7 Smashing Strategies for Better Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO is very much essential for successful marketing of your website. Now, with the regular improvement of technology the SEO strategies are also getting revamped too. To reap optimum advantages of search engine optimization you must not miss trying the latest SEO strategies. Here are 7 up-to-date strategies that may be really helpful for your website. Check them out:

1. Be Wise With Keyword Phrases

Your choice of keyword phrases must be proper. An appropriate keyword phrase will help you to drive more and more visitors to your website. On the contrary confusing choice of keyword phrases may ruin your SEO tactics. Do enough research and create suitable keyword phrases for your website.

2. Stay Away from Black Hat Techniques

There are basically 2 types of SEO techniques – white hat and black hat. Black hat SEO may fetch you huge traffic instantly, but this doesn’t work in the long run. Specially, with Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, it’s not possible to utilize black hat techniques for long. So it’s better to follow the rules of search engines rigorously and master the white hat techniques. This is safe and effective as you may reduce the chances of getting penalized.

3. Discard Duplicate Content

Duplicate and inferior content may lower the ranking of your website significantly. Invest adequate time in creating genuine and informative contents for your website. This will not only grab the attention of your visitors, but your ranking will also get improved.

4. Don’t Overlook the Title Tag and Keyword Meta Tags

You must not neglect optimizing the title tag in your webpage. The presence of meaningful keywords in the meta description is also equally important. So, you must concentrate well on developing effective title tags and meta tags for better optimization.

5. Prefer Apparent Coding

An acceptable HTML coding is a must to allow search engines to evaluate your website perfectly. Check the suitability of your HTML code manually. Avoid broken links. If broken links will be there, then the search engine spiders may find it difficult to crawl over various web pages in your website. So, it’s better to check beforehand.

6. Build More Backlink

Attaining link popularity is a very effective SEO strategy. Significant search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing analyse links and rank websites accordingly. Try to get more inbound links to increase the popularity of your website. The quality of the link is also very much important. So, getting inbound link from a high quality website will be an added advantage for your website.

7. Avoid Unfair Means

Never get help of unfair SEO practices like cloaking, keyword stuffing, use of hidden texts and links, useless web pages and too much automated queries to various search engines. Your website may get penalized if you practice these unfair strategies. So, choose the right and legal way for positive marketing of your website.

The list is ready for you. Follow these 7 SEO strategies without a miss and improve the ranking of your website effortlessly.


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  1. Jean May 24, 2013 at 4:59 pm #

    Vikram Singh you are absolutely right and no-doubt these points are very important to be successful in SEO business. But i want to ask you that which one is the most effective way to get good ranking position in SERP after Google Penguin update 2.0?. Please share your expert views with use that can be helpful in SEO field.

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