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Coding and Programming was started as a blog in September 2012 and evolved as an online digital goods store. Here you can find a varied collection of software, tools, tutorials, wordpress themes, plugins and extensions that makes you life easier and technically sophisticated. If you are a technology nerd, you will certainly like our collection. We put in extreme amount of efforts and hours of hard work and research to bring in these digital products for you. And most amazingly in most economical rates.

Our base data center is located in London and we operate the website from India. Also, having our base camp in developing country like India provides us cheap and high quality IT professional support that is necessary to keep the website alive.

Around 36% of our traffic is alone from US sub-continent followed by other remaining from around the different parts of the world. We strive to make the experience of our users an unforgettable delight.

Feel free to wander around and grab the useful information and tools provided on the website.

Team C&D