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Is it Better to Add Tag Cloud on your Blog or Website

What is Tag Cloud

tag cloud

Tag cloud is the group of tags that you see on the sidebar of your website. It can be added to the side bar by adding widgets. We are going to discuss whether tag cloud is any good to use on your website. Does it increases the effectiveness of your onpage optimization factor. Does google crawlers like crawling the bunch of tags that you put on your website.

You can add a tag cloud to the sidebar of your wordpress website. Sidebar area on the wordpress installation can be accessed from the WordPress back end.


Matt Cutts Discussing about Tag Clouds

This was the explanation that Matt Cutts gave a few years back when a person from New York, asked him the same question about the importance of using tag clouds on your website.


In my opinion, one should add tag cloud to their website until and unless your are not misusing them. Rather than adding  appropriate tags to the related content and not just spinning your keyword around or making it look suspicious to Google.

But yes they can help you rank for certain keyword if you are not spamming it with the bunch of  keywords. Just think about what users might search in alternate ways for the same title that you gave to the article. How many different ways can you search the same content over internet.

I have experienced it in one of my website where I found that many tags from my website were ranking on the first page of Google. I would suggest you to use a tag cloud on your website. It looks good and enhances user experience.

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