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Crack Win 7 with only these 6 easy steps

Crack Win 7 with these 6 easy steps

Even with the release of Windows 8, some Windows 7 loyal following are still not upgrading their operating system. Why? Because there are people who prefer to stick with what they have gotten used to already. A new OS means new things to learn. New functions to explore. These things take time. So Windows 7 it is!

If you want a solution immediately you can purchase this! Guaranteed to work. If not you can follow the procedure manually but you will have to do this ever 30 days. So BOOKMARK the page.

But for users to maximize all Windows 7 functions, they must have the genuine or authentic version. You buy a license and you have all Windows 7 functions at your disposal. Those who can’t afford the licensed version, crack Win 7 it is!

Some Windows 7 users don’t crack Win 7 because they think it’s not easy to do. On the contrary, you don’t need special skills or technical knows-hows in order to crack Win 7. You will just the good old command prompt box.

Follow the step by step procedure on how to crack Win 7:

1. On the Start menu, go to All Programs and click Accessories.

2. Click on Command Prompt. Right click on it and choose Run as Administrator.

Crack Win 7

Crack Win 7

3. Type the following on the Command Prompt box: slmgr -rearm

4. Click Enter.

Crack Win 7 Steps

Crack Win 7

5. You will now be asked to Restart your computer. This is so the crack Win 7 will be activated.

6. Once restarted, you now have the cracked Win 7 version, good for 30 days.

If you want to extend the period for more than 30 days, here’s how you can do it for you Crack Win 7

1. Type REGEDIT in RUN and press Enter.

2. Go to this location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SoftwareProtectionPlatform

3. Change the value to SkipRearm to 1. This can be found on the right side corner.

4. Now, use the slmgr -rearm command as many times as you can to extend the 30 days you initially set.

This additional steps can be used if you want to extend to as many possible days as provided your crack Win 7 programs. Just make sure that you keep in mind the above mentioned steps, to use when the set days have expired.

You don’t need any help from developer or programmers to run the Win 7 crack for you. Its as easy as following all the steps mentioned. Within minutes, you will have a genuine and crack Win 7 on any PC or computer that you are using.

Simple tutorial on how to crack Win 7, watch the video:

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2 Responses to Crack Win 7 with only these 6 easy steps

  1. andy Jun 5, 2015 at 1:42 pm #

    thanks it worked! (y)
    can I use this method all the time? do you know how to change the activation days more than 30 days?

    • Coding Guru Jun 6, 2015 at 4:29 pm #

      You can use this method a couples of times, then you will have to purchase the activator to really get rid of this. Its only $5. The method we shared with you guys is temporary unfortunatly. The activator requires a lot of work and that is why we charge a small fee. But you can keep using that method until you are left with no more days.

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