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How to make Windows 7 Genuine – the Ultimate Guide!

You’re probably one of those people who can’t wait to know how to make Windows 7 genuine. For good reasons too! You want to have full access to all Windows 7 operating tools. And you especially want to get rid of those annoying “your trial has expired” or compatibility issues.

The genuine version comes with a cost. Second, you can only use one serial key per PC or computer. These are the main reasons why people choose to find ways on how to make Windows 7 genuine and spend their hard earned money on things that are more important.

Believe it or not, there is now a way for you to get genuine Windows 7 version, free of charge. You do’t need any special software or programming skills to take advantage of this genuine operating system.  Read on to find out how to make Windows 7 genuine.

Steps to make Windows 7 genuine:

You need to download Windows 7 crack or Windows 7 activation first. Install it on your PC. Make sure that you set Windows 7 as your operating system.

1. Click Start menu.

Start menu

2. Type in CMD on the menu search option.


3. Right click on CMD and choose Run as Administrator.


4. You should now see the Command Prompt box in your screen.


5. Type in “slmgr –rearm” and press Enter.


5. Close the CMD box and restart your PC.


You now have a genuine Windows 7 installed in your computer, valid for 30 days!


That’s not all! Here’s a neat trick for you.

Do the same task all over again and an additional 30 days validity should be added to your Windows 7 operating system. So, every time you undergo the same process, you get

genuine Windows 7

for 30 more days.

You can repeat the same process as many times as you can if you don’t want to undergo the same steps every month. There is no limit to the number of days you can set Windows 7 genuine using this awesome crack. If you’re one of those busy people who don’t have much free times to spare, then go through the process multiple times to give yourself days, months and even years of genuine Windows 7.

Think about it! Why would you go through free trials, or buy licenses, when you can easily learn how to make Windows 7 genuine on your own?

Want to see for yourself how to make

Windows 7 genuine?

Watch the step by step video tutorial here!

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