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How to use the Office 2010 Crack to activate your Office? Set and Forget!

How to use the Office 2010 Crack to activate your Office?

When you see these errors and more:
Compatibility issues.
Feature not supported.
Your trial about to expire, please upgrade.
Activate full version with serial key.

And a whole lot more errors or notices.

These are the most common notifications that free trial users are seeing. If you are one of them, chances are you get irritated when they start popping up when you are in the middle of finishing your Powerpoint presentation or have just started mapping out your data on Excel. It is understandable. These are hindrances to what you are supposed to do. If your Office 2010 is cracked and is running on full version, you will not be having these problems.

Tutorial for an easy-to-do Office 2010 crack that will have all features of MS Office activated in no time!

1. Download Office 2010 activator here.

2. Unzip the files you just downloaded.
3. Choose activator and click Activate Office 2010. It is advised that you disconnect from the internet and close all open Office 2010 programs.


4. A CMD box will appear on your screen. Follow the instructions being asked.

Crack Office 2010

Crack Office 2010

5. Hit any key to Exit.

This will activate your Microsoft Office 2010 for a total of 180 days. For 6 months, you get full access to Microsoft Office 2010, its components and applications. After the period, you can do the steps over to add another 6 months to your Microsoft Office 2019 crack version. There is no expiry date for this. Just remember the steps mentioned above and you are all good.

There are users who cannot activate the Office 2010 crack right away. For those users that are having problems activating this software, try the following steps:

1. Go back to step 4 (see above)
2. Click the Rearm Office 2010 button
3. Office 2010 will be rearmed for 1 month or 20 days.
4. Activate Microsoft Office 2010 all over again by following the 5 steps above.

Once your Office 2010 is cracked, you never have to worry about getting notifications about upgrading your version just so you can view work files or send your monthly report. Office 2010 crack aims to make your life easier and without having to worry about paying for upgrades and full version. Download the activator to enjoy the full features of Microsoft Office 2010!

Video tutorial below!

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