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Post on WordPress Blogs Directly from MS Word

Hello Friends, How are you all? Hope all of you are quite well. Today we will see how to post directly to any wordpress websites from Microsoft Word without login into the web site. The thing is you can organize an article or any sort of writings by your wish in Microsoft Word and you will post the writing directly into your wordpress blog directly from ms word. It will help your post to be looked as same as in the Microsoft word and you won’t need to login to web site. This system will be available on MS WORD 2007 OR 2010. Let’s learn the system.

Setup your wordpress blog in your MS Word.

If you are the admin of a site then you need to setup at the very first time. To do this you got to enter into the admin panel. Then-

Settings > Writing > Remote Publishing.

Put a tick mark on- XML-RPC

Click on “Save Changes.”

pic 1


Let’s start working in your Ms Word.

First open “New” Document.

File > New > Blog post.

Connect WordPress blog with Ms Word.

Clicking on the Blog post you got to make a connection between Ms Word and your blog. Flog this, Select wordpress from the list.

Now enter the detail of your website. For example:  If we see <Enter your blog URL here> Then we will put the link of our blog like below-

NOTE: you got to put “ xmlrpc.php “ at the end of your blog link.

Please follow the pictures. Hope they will be very helpful for making the connection.

Pic 4

Now put your user name and password into the box looks like the above picture.

Start writing your post

Now, the connection between your blog and ms word is ready. Write and organize your writing in ms word. You will find many options which you cannot get in your blog’s writing section.


You can also add Tables, Pictures, Shapes, SmartArts by your wish in your post.

Pic 7

Category Selecting…

To select category, you click on Blog Post Tab. Click on “Insert Category”. Now you will be able to see the categories of your blog. You can select the categories of your blog directly from ms word.

Pic 8

Publish or Publish as Draft

If you have finished your writing, then you will have two choices

1. Publish (The post will be published direcly)

2. Publish as Draft (The post will be saved as draft in your blog)

Pic 9
Thank you for reading the article. Hope to meet you very soon with some new tricks. Good Bye for today.

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  1. logo services May 29, 2013 at 11:56 am #

    It is great way to save our time, i post on my WordPress blog almost on daily basis and first of all i write on word then post it to my blog. Now after read your post i learn a lot of things about it and am quite sure that in this way i can save my time and it is really technical and amazing way of blog posting.

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