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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Problems – ‘OK Google’ does not function

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is not without its issues. Lets discover a few of these issues that users happen to be going through using their gadget, along with a few possible options on how to deal with them.

Error: ‘OK Google’ does not function okgoogle

Some people happen to be revealing problems obtaining the voice command “OK Google” to operate properly each time.

For a few people, this worked well good whenever at first setup, but then stopped working after a couple of days, some other statement that this “Always on” functionality lets you make use of the control once the display screen is crooked, does not function correctly.




They shouldn’t be incompatible, however, have had success here through disabling voice wake-up within the Menu-settings of S Voice. Other people statement the contrary (that S Voice must be on for “OK Google” to work).

Possible options:
Make sure that Settings > Language and input > Voice search > “Ok Google” Detection is set to Always on. Try restarting your Note 4.

Should you be nevertheless getting the issue, there is a great opportunity that the particular application is actually leading to this. You can check your applications one-by-one. Begin with wearable applications, something that has access to the actual notifications. At the same time you can perform a factory reset and selectively re-install until you find the culprit

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