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Tips To Increase Magento Shop Conversion Rate In 2014

What’s new in the world of e-commerce? How to stay ahead of the game and increase the number of customers interested in your offer? The trends in e-commerce for 2014 follow two general rules: make the shopping experience as simple as possible and provide your customers with solutions that make them want to come back to your online store. Check our most recommended tips on how to increase conversion rates in 2014.

1. Keep your prices competitive

Easier said than done – equipped with services, which allow to compare prices between different online stores, modern customers are able to find the most competitive offer easier and quicker than ever. In order to win them over you not only have to keep your prices at a moderate level, but you also need to monitor the prices offered by your competition. Additional options, which can convince customers to shop at your store: the low price guarantee – ensure your customers that your prices are the lowest, but if they can find better offer on the same product, you are happy to match the price and sell for less. Cooperate with the price comparison websites – these services are not your enemies, but a new way to promote your offer. Check how to best advertise your products through comparison websites.

2. Make your coupon codes public

We got used to the idea that coupon codes are a sort of a secret knowledge, available only to the most active bargain seekers. However, the research shows that if the customers have to google the coupon codes or look for them offline, the chances that they abandon the shopping cart are increasing significantly. Therefore, the new trend in coupon codes is to not hide them, but quite contrary – to make them public by posting the codes on the main website or automatically adding the codes to the shopping cart.

3. Increase paying and shipping options

Sticking to one, most convenient option for paying and shipping the products won’t take you far. The more you grow your business, the more you should be aware of your customers specific needs. Think about international transactions – providing your customers with a PayPal payment and cheap, convenient shipping can boost your conversion rates beyond your expectations.

4. Allow your customers to monitor shipping

Provide your customers with an opportunity to monitor the transaction at every step of the process, from the purchase to the delivery. Send regular updates on the status of the customer’s order and make sure that the customer receives the ordered product on time. Do not make promises you cannot keep – if you need more time to complete the order always inform the customer upfront.

5. Reward your regular customers and first time visitors

How to best convince the visitors that they should buy at your online store? Give them a discount. This applies to both the regular customers and visitors, who have just discovered your website. Create a loyalty program for regular customers and provide new visitors with coupon codes when they access your website for the first time or reward them with special deals if they sign up for newsletter.

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