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Find Out the Hidden Email Addresses of Your Facebook Friends

Hello friends, Today I will show you a trick to find out the hidden email address of your facebook friends. Without consuming anymore time, let’s learn the trick.

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1.  First we got to learn the logic of reveling the email addresses. In this case we will take help from Yahoo. So, you should have a yahoo id to apply this trick. Here, we will export the facebook friends into our yahoo email contacts list. Or on the other hand, we will import the facebook contacts with their email address which are hidden in facebook.

2.  Now, Login into your yahoo email address.

3. Now click on the Contacts Tab in your yahoo inbox.

4. Now Click on the Import Contacts.

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5. Select Facebook.

6. Now, a pop up window will appear.

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7. Without any fear login to you facebook account. (The account from which you want to import contacts)

8. Click on okay to start the importing process.

9. I will take several minutes to be completed. Completing the process a new page will appear. Here you will find all the email addresses of your facebook friends whom you exported to yahoo.

Isn’t it a simple but nice trick? Hope you enjoyed this post. Good bye for today. 🙂

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  1. kool design Oct 7, 2013 at 6:12 pm #

    It is very tough to find out friends via their email address because when you try to search a particular email address in Facebook it divert you on search engine results. In this scenario your shared information is very helpful and effective to find out anyone via hidden email addresses.

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